EP: Lanzo – Law of Attraction

Since I slept on his last EP, deadweight.sheep, I thought it best that I didn’t let his newest release “Law of Attraction” slip through the cracks (even if my post is still a few days post release).  It’s finals season and while I let our email become overrun with unread submissions I’m just happy to have some nice new instrumentals to listen to.  These aren’t just any instrumentals though.  This is Lanzo, the homie from Young Ho Collective.  Lanzo’s beats on this tape are definitely old-school and boom-bap oriented yet they never feel stale or played out (which seriously means a lot for beat music in 2013).  Tracks like “pro.lifik” are practically begging for a competent MC while also managing to be entertaining in their own right.  Things tend to blend together during finals week so it’s nice to have something like this.


pkelly94EP: Lanzo – Law of Attraction