Mixtape: Gorgeous Children – ICE

Gorgeous Children have been on our radar since releasing their debut mixtape about a year ago.  Even though that tape was extremely good, we haven’t heard much from them until now.  ICE is the Seattle duo’s second full project and shows further progression into their dark and dismal take on rap.  Over the course of the past year both members of the act have improved excessively in their crafts.  Gila Monsta’s beats are cleaner than ever, contorting obscure samples into bubblingly bleak soundscapes and Face Vega tears through them with catchy hooks and ferocious verses.  The highlight of the tape for me would probably be “Daiyamondo” on which Gila Monsta creates a beat stuck somewhere between grime and Mystic Stylez and Face Vega rips it apart, sounding like he’s almost barreling out of control with aggression by the end of his verses.  Stream “Daiyamondo” below and the whole tape after the jump.


tccarr14Mixtape: Gorgeous Children – ICE