EP: acab rocky – disgusting

Lo-fi and bedroom recordings don’t always have to flirt with the ugly or messy.  In fact, disgusting is one of the cleanest and most straightforwardly beautiful releases I’ve heard all year.  At first glance it may be easy to dismiss acab rocky as just another garage band with a punny name (Joanna Gruesome, Elvis Depressedly, R L Kelly etc.), but then you might think to yourself and realize that none of those bands suck and acab rocky deserves a listen.  When you do listen, as I am suggesting you do, you may realize acab rocky write pop songs and some damn good pop songs too.  “disgusting” swells softly with half-whispered vocals and easy guitar strumming while “i tend to forget” introduces drum machine and electric guitar lines to carry the track through a breezy minute and a half.  Like many of my favorite lyricists of the lo-fi/emo revival, Sam Wells is emotionally blunt, straightforward and effective.  The EP closes with an alternate version of “disgusting” that shows off that acab rocky aren’t always quiet and are just as emotive when they’re jamming.


pkelly94EP: acab rocky – disgusting