Video: NicX x Michael Artt – Motives

It’s been quite a while since we’ve caught up with Cleveland rapper NicX and it appears he’s only been maturing and getting better since we last checked in.  3rdPxwer is his crew and they’ve provided NicX the perfect platform to explore his lyrically adept flow.  NicX has always had the ability to rap at rapid fire speeds but now he’s not wasting a word.  The only time he really seems interested in slowing down his speed is to lay down his pop ready hooks.  “Motives” is one of the most well polished tracks NicX has penned his name to yet.  Over an atmospheric trap-infused beat, NicX and Michael Artt provide a highly lyrical alternative to the current Midwestern offerings.  “Bitch I’m grown”.  NicX has the charisma to become a star now he just needs an audience.


pkelly94Video: NicX x Michael Artt – Motives