mp3: Jackie Trash – sleepy cat

For anyone who has been following and digging the rebirth of American emo and lo-fi, meet Jackie Trash.  Their wow so sad EP is going to fit right alongside other bandcamp gems like contron and elvis depressedly.  It is four tracks in under 10 minutes that are as sweetly too the point and brutally honest as I’d expect from a group that takes grainy photographs in graveyards.  Highlight, “sleepy cat” distinguishes Jackie Trash from other lo-fi/emo acts with it’s sense of direction.  “wasting time, in bed too” goes the opening line before sprawling into a more distressed tale of suburban malaise.  The track comes to a proper close at around 1:30 only for the guitar to fade back into the forefront of the track keeping the good suburbs vibes alive for an extra minute.  For such a short track is packs a surprising amount of effortless depth.  Stuff like this can only come naturally.


pkelly94mp3: Jackie Trash – sleepy cat