EP: contron – contron

contron has never been afraid to lay it all out for people.  Song titles like “i guess i’ma pretty good person sometimes when i really think that hell might exist (thought i heard you screamin’ i was dancing with my demons they’re the bad things that i like too much)” and “i wish you were still here, i wish you weren’t still (ode to terrence in the key of pouring out ol’ english)” don’t leave much up to the imagination and usually the songs lyrics don’t stray too far from the song title.  It’s the kind of heart on the sleeve mentality that I can’t imagine having in the age of social media.  Despite his own self loathing, this dude has some serious cajones for admitting the kind of stuff he does and being able to make something beautiful out of it too.  He romanticizes the kind of overly ironic and overly depressed hipster lifestyle that has become such an act it’s kind of become real.  In his own words, “i’d like to congratulate myself on being so ironic that i forget what real life feels like.” I mean shoot, if that doesn’t sum up being a youth in 2013 I don’t know what does.


pkelly94EP: contron – contron