EP: Cedar Falls – Elsa

Declan Diemer, aka the duuuude behind Cedar Falls, described his new EP as 20 minutes of ambient and dark folk.  I don’t think he’s giving himself enough credit here.  Sure, Elsa isn’t going to give you any new tracks to add to your “Summer Jamzz” Playlist and you’re probably not going to bump any of this at a party, but Cedar Falls is brimming with the same kinda various influences that make artists like Jacob Braun, Ricky Eat Acid and contron so exciting.  Cedar Falls doesn’t stray too far from ambience and folk but he takes those genre touchstones as jumping off points and not limitations.  “Isolated Road” buzzes with garage rock distortion and “Memorybook” moves with orchestral elegance.  Opening with the track “The Last Time I Saw Elsa” and ending with “The First Time I Saw Elsa”, Elsa comes across as an extremely personal and honest recording, something that has become harder and harder to do as of late.


pkelly94EP: Cedar Falls – Elsa