If you’re at all familiar with the work of NVTHLSS, than F2i probably won’t be coming out of left field for you.  If anything, NVTHLSS’ impressively sized catalog of beats and tapes are a demonstration of just how well an artist can define his own sound through constant recording, releasing and refining.  F2i is not the solo material of NVTHLSS however, as the tape is the result of a collaboration with fellow french producer OVRDZ (no idea how to properly pronounce that name either sorry).  Although the best I can do is speculate here, it does seem like OVRDZ has pushed NVTHLSS away from hip-hop influence and into deeper electronic territory.  Although the percussion still hits mostly in the tune of boom-bap, none of these beats would provide stable ground for a rapper.  Instead they are small meditations on warmth and repetition that revel in small moments of energy and inspiration.


pkelly94EP: NVTHLSS x OVRDZ – F2i