mp3: abhi//dijon – T.M. / They

If you don’t think abhi//dijon are the most exciting new artist emerging right now, you probably haven’t listened to their music yet.  The duo have been sporadically releasing incredible singles since the beginning of the summer, and are now prepping to release their first EP.  I don’t know if these two songs are from the upcoming EP, but they are absolutely stunning and possibly their best work to date.  “Experimental RnB” has been around for a while, but recently it has mostly just meant “RnB with way too much reverb on some shitty falsetto vocals”, but abhi//dijon’s music sounds much more thought out than that.  The beats they put together perfectly meld past RnB ideas with new up-to-date styles and even though they are incredible, their songs don’t rely on them, with Dijon’s vocals still managing to sit front and center without ever sounding overdone.  If you can’t already tell, I’m extremely excited about these guys and I’m sure this won’t be nearly the last we hear of them.


tccarr14mp3: abhi//dijon – T.M. / They