EP: Haunter – Don’t Worry

Hailing from Wisconsin, Haunter make the kind of music that fellow sconnie Justin Vernon has largely moved away from.  Unlike Vernon, however, who first made a name for himself by recording an album while heartbroken in a cabin, Haunter make the kind of music that can only stem from a group of people who have spent time heartbroken together in a cabin.  Their music is the kind that revels in the fall and eagerly awaits the cold of winter, which is exactly how they first caught my attention a year ago.  Don’t Worry, their newest release, doesn’t reinvent the band so much as it finds them continuing to nuzzle deeper into their own comfortable musical niche (which is probably somewhere near a fireplace).  On “Closer” the group manages to reach a goose-bump inducing climax that never feels forced or overly aggressive.  As they demonstrate on “Shadow Song” and the over 10 minute “Driftaway”, the group is fine taking their time and letting their gorgeous music speak for itself. Of course, this might all be a bit heavy handed if it was clear that the group didn’t take itself too seriously.  On their bandcamp the group admits that their just “a dreamy boy band from WI that cries often,”.  Stream my two favorite tracks below, including “Spirits” where Haunter channels their inner Robin Pecknold, and the rest of the release after the jump.


pkelly94EP: Haunter – Don’t Worry