mp3: Tropical Tobacco – Sadie

Although Libson-based Tropical Tobacco aren’t exactly the most prolific band out there, every they release a new track I realize I’m happy that they’re moving at their own blissfully slow pace.  The band still hasn’t pushed their own image much past warm photos of tropical foliage but I’m cool with that too, “Sadie” blooms just as naturally as the flowers that appear in the artwork.  Flowering from reverb-soaked synths and bass, “Sadie” has Tropical Tobacco sounding like a Washed Out who was relocated to the caribbean.  That’s not to say that “Sadie” is an uninspired derivative of chillwave however, as Tropical Tobacco include enough sonic diversity and dynamics to prove they have songwriting chops to show off behind the reverb.


pkelly94mp3: Tropical Tobacco – Sadie