Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 31

We’re back on schedule, basically.  Despite the fact that my concussion guarantees that I will fall into a deep, dizzying depression every time I spend more than a few minutes staring at a computer screen I cannot give up the noble beaties cause.  I will put my body on the line for you all.  My head’s a ticking time bomb let’s git it.  On this volume of Eat Your Beaties, Nicky Troubles brings the Young Ho vibes, AceMo takes us to emotional catharsis, Woosley Cone gets on all floors, Ahnnu does Ahnnu better than anyone else can do Ahnnu and Ethernt get’s us tippin.  Hit that jump, don’t be scared.

-The Up-Turn

pkelly94Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 31