LP: Underworld Dust Funk – Bars & Bullets

I still don’t really know how I stumbled on this release, but I think that adds to the darkness of it, so I’m going to try to leave it that way.  Underworld Dust Funk are the trio of Caz Green, Khrist Koopa, and Bolo Nef hailing from Seattle, and they make some of the darkest rap I’ve heard in a while.  At face value, the lyrics on this album aren’t anything new or special, repeatedly referencing drugs and womanizing, but when constantly hammered into your brain over the entire 35 minutes of this tape, backed by incredibly bleak yet huge beats, it completely pulls you into UDF’s own hazy world.  UDF aren’t doing anything revolutionary on this album, but what they are doing, they are doing really well.  Stream two of my favorite tracks below, and the whole album after the jump.



tccarr14LP: Underworld Dust Funk – Bars & Bullets