EP: Nvthlss – Snare autumn pt. 1

This week has already been quite the amazing week for beats, however, no amazing beaties week would be complete without some new material from our favorite French beaties master Nvthlss.  Snare autumn takes Nvthlss’ already chilled out style back another jazzy notch to make it more appropriate for the colder weather and windier days that the autumn is brining.  Nvthlss even manages to take off some of the bite from Meek Mill and Rick Ross’ “Believe It”, flipping the brag filled affair into an introspective bumper that people could ride their bikes through the park too.  Even the closing track “Bitches in the club” sound more appropriate for a campfire than a dance floor.  Stream the entire release after the jump.


pkelly94EP: Nvthlss – Snare autumn pt. 1