EP: Chef the Chef – Eunoia

Sorry, what was that you said, I didn’t quite hear you the first time?  Not enough beaties in your life?  Pssh, Chef the Chef has got your back.  Although we know him mostly from his rapper in the CT duo Ghost Row, Chef the Chef has been improving his beat making craft for a long time now.  Although his experiments have usually never left obscurity on his soundcloud page, Chef has decided to collect 24 of them (yup, 24 more beaties for you to munch on) in what I believe is his first solo tape Eunoia.  Considering that the tape delivers 24 new tracks and that Chef still is a padawan beat maker, Enoia isn’t going to consistently wow listeners.  Instead, Eunoia is definitely a listen for fans of Chef who are interested in the kinds of beats he likes pumping out when he’s not delivering hot fiyah with Color Plus.


pkelly94EP: Chef the Chef – Eunoia