Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 30

Like your social life (that you secretly wish wasn’t impeded by your refusal to listen to anything that has graced the top 100), Eat Your Beaties is back from the deepest depths of midterm week.  To be honest we just didn’t wanna see this thing turn 30, hairlines may go up but everything is down from here isn’t it (damn)(sadboyz).  Because EYB has been MIA like a paper plane (I’M FUCKING KILLING IT WITH THIS POST) for a while now, we’re gonna hit you up with a few more than usual.  Because you’re worth it.  In this volume we have Memory Cards bringing us back to the days of the ps2, triangle regime flipping some horns, Jung Jill chilling out like it’s the summer of 2009, Leah Axel partying it up like a sad hipster who doesn’t like dancing but is really good at it anyway, Color Plus bringing in some heat for the ladies, Plue Starfox doing something cool and Yung Gutted with a reminder that it’s halloween season, bitch.

pkelly94Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 30