mp3: Slam Skillet – Kirkii

It’s not easy carving out a niche in the overpopulated realm of electronic dance music, however, I can’t imagine I would have had any trouble identifying this song as Slam Skillet’s if I had gone into my first listen blindly.  “Kirkii” is a stuttering, synth-led piece that evolves Slam Skillet’s blissed-out bass sound to the potential that he’s always been demonstrating.  Although “Kirkii” isn’t designed for all out dance floor twerk-fests, the song succeeds in creating small bursts of dance floor minded moments that are sprinkled throughout the unpredictable structure of the track.  Accompanied with the more straightforwardly booty-shake-inducing “Oryx”, “Kirkii” easily shows just how far Slam Skillet can go while maintaining his own identity.


pkelly94mp3: Slam Skillet – Kirkii