mp3: Yung Gud – A Title Is Required (Feat. littlecloud)

For people that don’t know, Yung Gud, one of Yung Lean’s excellent producers, has been around making more than just futuristic spacey trap beats for a while.  His soundcloud page has a huge catalog of different work which you wouldn’t expect if you only listened to his music with Yung Lean.  This track is a really good example of his versatility.  This time Yung Gud is working with UK artist littlecloud, who we have featured in our Eat Your Beaties before, but I had no idea had an amazing voice.  Yung Gud’s beat is subtly spaceous with a huge amount of different textures, and littlecloud’s emotive vocals perfectly match it.  Yung Gud’s work with Yung Lean is great, but I also want to hear more of this.


tccarr14mp3: Yung Gud – A Title Is Required (Feat. littlecloud)