Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Eddie Caine

Eddie Caine is a rapper for people who like rap.  Listening through his patron Rita tape it becomes obvious that Caine not only has an incredible talent for telling stories but also holds high regard for hip-hop’s young history.  “Oh, I forgot it’s summertime,” he answers to a twisted Kanye sample on “sumHER”.  The most obvious comparison that Caine will draw will be Notorious B.I.G. and it’s due to more than just the beer bellied buddha’s deep toned inflection.  On “Versace Visions”, the album’s clear highlight, Caine takes a page out of Biggie’s book by opening things with heat-on-the-sleeve directness.  “Imma just say how I feel on this one because a lot of rappers don’t do that,” he opens backed by soft sampled cooing.  Later he raps of dreams deferredchristian dior, and dreams money can buy before barking that he’s “almost there” with the kind of urgency that lets us know he has know idea where “almost there” even is.  “Versace Rap” is the kind of underdog story that we usually only get to hear after the rapper has achieved mainstream success.  However, Caine is still “one bowl of cereal away from a beat and a rap” that will give him that success.  Maybe he’s already found that beat and that rap and all he really needs is for people to start listening.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Eddie Caine