EP: POWER MOVES – Psycho Shower Scene

I haven’t been this excited about a beat tape from someone I’ve never heard of for a while.  Psycho Shower Scenes lives up to its menacing name with 8 beats that sound like Ryan Hemsworth gone trick-or-treating.  Synths are blown out, samples are disembodied and drum tracks sound as though they were assembled from trash cans and cardboard boxes.  While I find myself wishing to just cop out and call this witch-house, I know that would be doing a disservice to the sound POWER MOVES stitched together with this release.  I don’t know if any rappers would try and hop on these beats but if they would I assume they’d have to sip some codeine first.  Although Houston is the first city that comes to mind when listening to this release, POWER MOVES seem more concerned with creating devastated, soundscapes that could have taken place in anyone’s Wu-Tang-worst-nightmare.  Also this is coming out of Australia…  Stream the entire EP after the jump.


pkelly94EP: POWER MOVES – Psycho Shower Scene