LP: Spring King – In All This Murk and Dirt

Our first introduction to UK band Spring King was their song “Avocado City”, and although that song is still a favorite, it wasn’t really that great of an indication of what was to come next from them.  Their debut LP, In All This Murk and Dirt, takes their sound in a fairly difficult direction, but one that has completely won me over.  On this LP Spring King explore whichever rock sub-genre they feel like while putting their own full-throttle spin on them.  On “Dig Deeper” it sounds like Spring King are trying to see how much energy they can possibly pack into one track with aggressively strummed chords and chanted vocals, while on “My Sleeves” they show their sappy side with a sax solo and delicate chord progressions, and on “Better Man” they execute Libertines-esque pop 10x better than any of the hundreds of bands who have attempted that previously.  Overall, Spring King have put together one of the most unique and confident debut LP’s I have heard in a while with incredible energy that I guarantee will have you wishing to be in the crowd at one of their shows.  Stream two songs off of it below and the whole LP after the jump.


tccarr14LP: Spring King – In All This Murk and Dirt