EP: contron – more songs by the freewheelin contron

Sure, the term “emo” is getting thrown out a lot more around the blogosphere these days but how am I supposed to get tired of people making different strands of emotional music?  While contron isn’t coming out of left-field for anyone who has listened to Julia Brown, Teen Suicide, elvis depressedly etc., it’s hard to deny that he isn’t making emotional music in his own way.  With never much more than his acoustic guitar and a lot on his mind, contron narrates stories of high-school love, sexual confusion, getting fucked up with friends and losing touch with friends.  His requests are naked, simple and striking.  He’ll stop getting fucked up if he can get his life back.  He just wants to love and be loved.  Maybe some people will find these lyrics naive and honestly contron is trying to please them anyway.  Maybe I’ll grow tired of all these lo-fi, DIY songwriters popping up around the internet someday but it’s nice knowing that some kids still want to pick up a guitar instead of an MPC.  “Maybe if I cared a little less good things would happen”.


pkelly94EP: contron – more songs by the freewheelin contron