mp3: Figures of Dawn – Summer Jam

Today I decided to finally go ahead and clear out our email account of it’s nearly 800 unread emails, making sure to hold onto any emails that caught my eye.  Just as he had earlier, Jacob Braun managed to stand out with a submission for his project with Wisconsin-native Alec Grefe.  Figures of Dawn make music by sending each other ideas and song fragments over the internet, yet it couldn’t sound more organic.  Although it is just as DIY and lo-fi as the music we’ve come to expect from Jacob Braun (I’m admittedly not yet familiar with the work of Alec Grefe), Figures of Dawn is more folk than it is punk.  An easy standout from their incredibly solid eponymous debut is the breezy “Summer Jam” which I imagine was written to be simply that.  Although summer is fading (let’s be real it’s faded) fast, “Summer Jam” has the porch rocking vibe that is perfect for any nighttime porch rocking.  If only I had checked our emails better and been able to rock on a porch while drinking Sam Adams porch rocker to this.


pkelly94mp3: Figures of Dawn – Summer Jam