Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Jacob Braun

When trying to sort through an embarrassing amount of unread emails in hopes of finding something good, it helps when an email title stands out a bit.  Amongst the clutter of “dope trap drops” and “music video submissions” one email asked “ocean be my home?” so I clicked on it.  Instead of including an extended paragraph about who he is, where he’s from or what kind of music he makes, Jacob Braun linked to his bandcamp and let his music talk for himself.  ocean be my home? is a release that sounds too big to be recorded amateurishly yet so coated in lo-fi distortion and hiss that it could have only spawned from some dude’s basement, garage or bedroom.  Whether he’s flipping the unforgettable opening line of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” into a scuzz-punk anthem on “bby don’t mess around” or playing around with ambient sounds, devastating distortion and acoustic guitar on the Campfire Songs-channeling “palm”, Jacob Braun always demonstrates a knack for melody and good old fashion pop sensibilities.  A clear disciple of 90s slacker rock, lo-fi rock, garage rock, blues, ambient and hip-hop, Jacob Braun is everything I expect to hear from a kid making music by himself in 2013.  It’s crazy to think I almost let this sink to the depths of our email inbox…


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Jacob Braun