mp3: Lil Ugly Mane – On Doing An Evil Deed Blues

All good things must come to an end.  Lil Ugly Mane announced a little while ago that he would be retiring from rapping, and although rappers falsely make that claim way too often, I kind of believe Lil Ugly Mane after hearing this song.  This single leading up to his upcoming final mixtape, Panopticon, was entirely recorded live to a tape deck and it sounds perfect.  Ugly Mane raps about his experience over the past few years as a rapper with a growing buzz and eloquently explains why he’s bringing his career to an end.  Although Lil Ugly Mane has been one of my favorite rappers since people laughed at me for listening to his Playaz Circle Tape, I’m ready to accept the fact that he won’t be blessing us with anymore music and am eager to hear Panopticon.


tccarr14mp3: Lil Ugly Mane – On Doing An Evil Deed Blues