EP: Hanz – A Brief Guide

While most posts I make are written after listening through a track only a few times, I wanted to give my self more time for Hanz’s newest release A Brief Guide.  I’ve been following the music of Hanz for a while now as he’s grown from a sample-based and hip-hop inspired beat maker into a force all his own and A Brief Guide is his biggest mission statement yet.  The release ebbs and flows like a factory, revealing moments and hints of pop after heavily rhythmic sections of noise and clutter.  Influence of bass music, trap, juke and house persist through the tracks in a mutated, twisted and restrained manner.  On “Queen Speed”, which absorbed the earlier single “Gum”, bird fluttering replaces hi-hat rolls and breaking glass stepping in for cymbal crashes.  “Read the Sign”, probably the most danceable track, would serve well to soundtrack a dirt-level rave of rats and cockroaches.  Working with a restrained yet world-building sound, Hanz demonstrates that he’s working on a whole other level than many of his electronic peers.


pkelly94EP: Hanz – A Brief Guide