mp3: Tay Devenny – leitha (ft. Stanley Ipkuss) (prod. wun two)

Tay Devenny’s Shrine is looking to be one of the hip-hop sleepers of 2013 and “leitha” is one of the most polished reasons why.  With the successes of hip-hop crooners like Drake and more recently A$AP Ferg, it’s about time more people turned their ears towards Tay Devenny.  Produced by our favorite german producer, “leitha” provides just enough to laid-back atmosphere for Devenny to strut over.  Guest rapper Stanley Ipkuss adds his own relaxed verse to fold into Devenny’s smoke-lit narrative.  Like many of Devenny’s best tracks, “leitha” is less of a call to arms and more of a welcoming into his world.


pkelly94mp3: Tay Devenny – leitha (ft. Stanley Ipkuss) (prod. wun two)
  • jackhairrips

    thatz that gold,keep an eye on these laid back grinders