mp3: Kal the God – Kal the God (prod. Big General)

Sidewalk Kal is Kal the God now and to help you remember the name change he’s released the conveniently titled new single “Kal the God”.  We’ve had the privilege of seeing Kal perform live a few times this summer and “Kal the God” has been a live staple of his for a while now so it’s pretty awesome finally getting to hear it recorded.  As expected, Kal doesn’t simply rap his lyrics over the beat but experiments with multiple vocal tracks and smaller vocal edits.  Big General’s beat isn’t as ornate as some of Kal’s usual beats from Mattron, Color Plus or AceMo, but the extra space allows Kal to strut his charisma and personality all over the track.  He’s Kal the God and he’s earned the title.


pkelly94mp3: Kal the God – Kal the God (prod. Big General)