mp3: Pusha T – Numbers on the Board (HANZ Mix)

Although Pusha T’s rapping on Clipse’s essential Hell Hath No Fury is, in my opinion, some of the best ever, he hasn’t be the most consistent artist in the past few years.  When “Numbers on the Board” dropped earlier this year I was amazed by Pusha’s ability to channel his Hell Hath No Fury intensity of rapping over an amazingly odd ball beat from Kanye.  Hanz, continuing his streak of giving great rap singles great remixes, has taken the original track and chopped it up and reworked it into an appropriately disorienting listen.  Instead of just working up a new beat for the track, Hanz’s mix turns the track into a barrage of disjointed phrases and lines.


pkelly94mp3: Pusha T – Numbers on the Board (HANZ Mix)