LP: Wussycat – VVVSSY

Right now its becoming more and more clear that 90’s-ish grunge indie is coming back into style pretty quickly, and thats cool, but a lot of the time I really just want to hear something completely out of left field.  Wussycat perfectly provided that for me when I was going through our emails the other day.  VVVSSY takes influences from a bunch of different places, including surf rock and doo wop, with a lo-fi aesthetic that instead of just sounding trendy sounds genuinely vintage.  Although I really can’t tell you anything about the Astoria-based band other than how their music sounds, I can’t recommend listening to this record enough if you’re looking for something completely unique and fantastic.  Stream two of my favorite songs off of it below and the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14LP: Wussycat – VVVSSY