mp3: Hazey & the J’s – Kicksters Dream

Following many years of awesome lo-fi and fuzz rock coming out of the UK (which we still expect and hope for more of) it’s cool to see the reinvigoration of Englands psychedelically minded Madchester scene.  While Hazey & the J’s probably aren’t about to be pinned as leaders of the burgeoning psych-rock revival, they are making some of the most exciting indie rock I’ve heard in a while.  Turning away from (and probably with no access to) studio excesses and indulgence, Hazey’s five members make a dirtier sort of psych-rock that definitely flirts with the self-appointed psychedelic-grunge tag.  “Kicksters Dream” swells with an energy around dirt-caked drums and lo-fi cracks that could only be the result of a few dudes who are incredibly excited to make music together.


pkelly94mp3: Hazey & the J’s – Kicksters Dream