mp3: SEENMR – Shipwreck


Last night we went into the city to chill with the homie Sean Cullen (SEENMR) at a Snack pop-up shop with The Good Company.  Cullen was playing a relaxed DJ set and we managed to catch up on new happenings in his life since our interview earlier this year.  Despite leading a self-described double life as a skater for Snack and the founding member of the Young Ho Collective, Cullen is diving head first into life as a musician.  Cullen doesn’t just want to be successful, he genuinely wants to move people with his music.  “Shipwrecked” may be the most effecting piece of music he’s put out yet.  Although he expressed doubts that his first foray into singing on his own material was successful, “Shipwrecked” is made by Cullen’s surprisingly strong vocal performance and lyricism.  Over a simple yet moving Velvet Underground loop, Cullen delivers four lines about his life and world view that reveal a lot more than most people can in entire songs.


“I spent all my money on a tape deck

You might think it’s funny I can’t make rent

Baby I’m so broke I’m shipwrecked

But I will keep on hustling till I make it”

pkelly94mp3: SEENMR – Shipwreck