EP: Wet Sweatshirt – Wet Sweatshirt

If you, like me, were a little underwhelmed by the newest offering from IDM pioneers Boards of Canada, then Wet Sweatshirt may be that new dude for you.  Wet Sweatshirt makes ambient-based electronic music that ventures into psychedelic sounds.  “Origami Daydream” features a prominent distorted guitar riff that expands upon the pastoral guitar-work that Boards of Canada introduced to electronic music with Campfire Headphase.  “Dawn Nesting” has Wet Sweatshirt working with live drums which further adds to the near jam-band approach to his ambient music.  Wet Sweatshirt is only 4 songs yet it will definitely leave you excited for wherever he’s going next.


pkelly94EP: Wet Sweatshirt – Wet Sweatshirt