mp3: PORCHES. – Franklin the Flirt

This weekend I had the fortune of seeing PORCHES. play live at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, and although I was already a big fan of their music that’s been floating around the internet for a while now, their live performance completely won me over.  They are currently prepping to release their debut full-length on Exploding in Sound Records and have blessed us with a single.  “Franklin the Flirt” shows all of the reasons why PORCHES. are so awesome, with front and center vocals, tried and true song writing, and just enough synth work to not be overdone.  Slow Dance in the Cosmos is currently looking at a rough release date of late August, but if you need something to tide you over until then, I would highly suggest making your way over to PORCHES. bandcamp page for jamz galore.


tccarr14mp3: PORCHES. – Franklin the Flirt