EP: Plant Parenthood – Feeling Good

It’s the summer and it’s hot out.  It’s days like these where I can’t fathom how hot it must be living anywhere further south than Maryland, however, Plant Parenthood bring some sweltering Tennessee vibes on their kick-ass Feeling Good release.  Feeling Good sounds like the product of some bored, sweating, and immensely talented kids (it might only be one immensely talented kid) with nothing better to do than yell into macbook microphones and jam out on rock instruments.  With song titles like “I Will Be Alone Forever”, Plant Parenthood may seem like another emo/grunge inspired band that have been popping up recently, however, Parenthood stems from a Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. tradition of wailing guitars and soaring melodies.  Stream my favorite tracks from the album below and the entire release after the jump.


pkelly94EP: Plant Parenthood – Feeling Good