SEENMR has done a lot of cool things.  If you have any doubts just listen through his newest tape Home which is a collection of sounds, ideas and vibes he’s been collecting for over five years now.  The tape really kicks off with the over 7 minute stunner “Golden Age” which matches SEENMR’s ability to loop and manipulate obscur samples into gorgeous soundscapes and adds a grandiose sense of scope and ambition.  “Golden Age” also sets the stage for the highly eclectic tape that follows which among other highlights includes a Sun Ra tribute and a noisy and distorted eponymous track.  Considering Home has some older tracks on it I’m guessing that he’s releasing it as a way to clear out some of his unreleased material to get ready for his next step in the Young Ho takeover.  Get ready.


pkelly94EP: SEENMR – Home