mp3: Hanz – Gum

If the last single from Hanz, “Reducer”, then “Gum” might be more of your thing.  Moving away from the largely ambient and noisey “Reducer”, “Gum” might be the closest thing Hanz has written to a pop instrumental.  Only a few hi-hat rolls away from being a trap single, “Gum” has some of the most colorful and playful sounds we’ve ever heard Hanz working with.  Admittedly, “Gum” isn’t exactly bubbly or poppy at all as Hanz manages to retain his sense of dark, chaotic atmospheric.  The track sounds ready to break down at any time and fly off the rail.  This is the type of gum you might find on the sidewalk, dirty, unsavory yet hard to take your eyes off of.


pkelly94mp3: Hanz – Gum