mp3: Hanz – Reducer

Hanz’s new single (yes Hanz has blessed our mortal world with more of his godly works) is called “Reducer” and that title makes a lot of sense for the new material.  “Reducer” is harsh and desolate, not because the sounds are noisy or directly abrasive, but because they are huge and impossible to grasp.  It’s soul crushing music, the kind of soundtrack I’d expect for digging a hole into infinitum.  There are peaks of light, Hanz allows fleeting seconds of pleasant Sam Cooke samples, but they are instantly crushed again under the weight of the bass.  Hanz has reduced the chaos of his songs down to a minimum necessity and the result only makes those few pop moments more affective.  With “Reducer”, Hanz proves once again that he’s operating in his own lane.


pkelly94mp3: Hanz – Reducer