Mixtape: Hawk House – A Little More Elbow Room

A Little more elbow roomAfter a few strong singles from Hawk House I’ve been eagerly anticipating how the three piece would approach a proper release.  A Little More Elbow Room has absolutely surpassed my expectations with a stunning release of r&b infused hip-hop.  The beats throughout A Little Elbow Room stick to down-tempo and jazzy troupes without ever adhering directly to norms of boom-bap, cloud-rap or any of the other buzzing beat styles that have been floating around the blogosphere lately.  Instead, the real focus of this release is on their dynamic vocals that bounce between group chants, crooning and rapping.  Their lyrics manage to evoke great imagery that usually focuses on their 21st UK lifestyles.  I know most people are buzzing over Chance the Rapper’s new tape, but take some time and check out Hawk House.

Download: A Little Elbow Room


pkelly94Mixtape: Hawk House – A Little More Elbow Room