mp3: Shale – III

Ever since I saw them perform live way back in 2008, I’ve been hooked on the music and potential of Omeed Goodarzi and Midi & the Modern Dance.  Patrick Smith, a part of the same awesome CT scene that spawned Midi, recently went on to start the exciting A Beacon School so for a while I was wondering what Goodarzi and Midi were up to.  Although Midi are still in a hiatus of sorts, Goodarzi is working with a few other musicians with the outfit Shale.  From the two songs that they’ve put out so far, “I” and “III”, it seems that Shale is emphasizing the melodrama that has always permeated through Goodarzi’s music.  “III” is a slow waltz on minimal yet effective instrumentation backing Goodarzi’s breathtaking vocals.  Around the three minute mark things really start to pick up as the vocals get washed away in a huge wave of strings and distortion.  It’s a grand move that Goodarzi often pulled off in Midi’s best music and it only sound more matured here.


pkelly94mp3: Shale – III