mp3: Yung Lean – GATORADE

It’s going to be hard for a lot of people to take Yung Lean seriously at first, and the Swedish rapper definitely has a taste for the absurd, but I know his music is worth listening to.  The idea of a 16 year old kid from Sweden rapping about gatorade, arizona iced tea, and being sad is interesting in and of itself, but a lot of Yung Lean’s music is actually really good.  His two main producers, who are also part of his Sad Boys crew, are Yung Gud Shawty and Yung Sherman, and both are extremely talented.  On “GATORADE” Yung Gud Shawty puts together one of my favorite rap beats in a while with spacey synths and vocal samples and Yung Lean puts down verses that show that he definitely knows what he’s doing behind a microphone.  It’s pretty obvious that Yung Lean is going to be really polarizing with videos like this, but this song is actually really fucking good and noteworthy.


tccarr14mp3: Yung Lean – GATORADE