Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Jalal Salaam

Jamal Smith a.k.a Poptart Pete doesn’t give his beats out to just anyone, so I was definitely expecting something great when I saw that Smith lent one of his beats to Jalal Salaam.  Their collaboration “Nocturnal” didn’t instantly jump out at me as jaw dropping, however, it definitely had me interested so I decided to check out Jalal Salaam’s debut mixtape Mathematics.  Like “Nocturnal”, Mathematics took a few listens to sink in and I can honestly say that after having spent a good amount of time with this release that it’s one of my favorite hip-hop releases of the year.  Jalal Salaam’s world in Mathematics is steeped in psychedelic cosmology, comic books and afrofuturism.  He’s definitely on the same vibes as some of our other favorites like uhlife and Shabazz Palaces.  Stream my favorite two tracks from Mathematics below and the entire release after the jump.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Jalal Salaam