EP: Nvthlss – Always may.EP

Throughout his still young career, Nvthlss has demonstrated an incredible talent for breathing new life into tired sounds and musical ideas.  Whether it’s working with golden age styled boom-bap, remixing Danny Brown or even some classic Illmatic Nas on this new tape, Nvthlss has never stumbled sounding fresh, exciting and distinctive.  Breaking away from the numerically named EPs that he’s stuck to in the past, Nvthlss has put out easily his most fully realized product to date with the Always may.EP.  The EP is a blend of remixes and originals that expand upon the producer’s parisian sound with fantastic results.  The aforementioned Nas remix “The world is ours” places the rapper in a sound collage of manipulated and distorted vinyl scratches alongside cascading piano lines.  Even Drake can’t help but sound great with the magical touch of Nvthlss.  Nvthlss has always been one of my favorite producers to watch and listen to grow and with Always may.EP he’s become one of my favorite producers.


pkelly94EP: Nvthlss – Always may.EP