Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: RΔCHEL

Despite having a name more befitting of a witch house act circa 2010 than a lo-fi pop act, RΔCHEL are the newest in a growing scene of bands making 90s influenced, emotive, indie rock.  Drawing equally from Connor Oberst’s lyricisms and Built to Spill’s sense for dynamics and guitar hooks, RΔCHEL demonstrate some serious songwriting chops on their newest aptly-titled Sorry EP.  While not every song is incredibly effective in demonstrating their tasteful emo influence, Sorry is a 20 minutes of lo-fi warmth and sweetly troubled yelling and singing that fills the void left by the retirement of Teen Suicide (who’s spiritual successor is the still awesome but much more indie-pop Julia Brown).  The version of “Dissapointed” that’s featured on the album sounds like a live take that demonstrates the full potential of the group when they really begin to rock out in the final third of the track.  Unlike some of the other groups that are leading this 90s-minded revival, RΔCHEL have songs that stretch well past 3 minutes with one of my favorites being the over 5 minute demo “Time so much time”.  Stream my favorite tracks below and the entire Sorry EP after the jump.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: RΔCHEL
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