mp3: Chris Villa – Mind St8 II (prod. Hanz)

It’s been far too long since Georgia masterminds Chris Villa and Hanz have teamed up but the two haven’t been wasting much time either.  Villa and Hanz have been refining their sound over this past year and the confidence and maturity shines through on “Mind St8 II” which I’m assuming is a spiritual sequel to “My Muthafuckin Mind State”. While Villa’s flows and delivery have always been steeped in a reverence for southern legends such as Three 6 Mafia, “Mind St8 II” finds Villa retaining those influences while also sounding comfortable in his own shoes.  The beat is standard fair for Hanz and by that I mean utterly disturbed and unlike anything other producers are doing right now.  If “Mind St8 II” Villa and Hanz hardly break a sweat I’m excited to hear more Pope x Hanz in the future.


pkelly94mp3: Chris Villa – Mind St8 II (prod. Hanz)