mp3: Gabriel Berrios – detail

After putting out some truly stellar demos and tracks over the past few months, Gabriel Berrios has landed at the top of artists I’m really excited about hearing progress.  It may have taken him a few projects to really establish his footing with singing and songwriting, however, Gabriel Berrios has demonstrated on tracks like “the courage” and “detail” his ability to masterfully combine influences of tropical and highlife music with his lo-fi, solo recordings.  Released alongside the equally charming “Hole”, “detail” is a warm and colorful track that brings some much needed bass-fuzz to Berrios’ typically treble heavy compositions.  The vocals are mostly there to act as an extra instrument giving “detail” a distinctively lush and full sounding listen accented with Berrios’ expected stabs of bright guitar licks.  I’m not sure whether or not Berrios is looking to round out his songs with a full band in the future, but wherever he’s going we will be listening.


pkelly94mp3: Gabriel Berrios – detail