EP: C.Z. – bathtub

Over the past year C.Z. (of M|O|D)’s sound has gone in a number of different directions.  He started buzzing with a sound that could be pretty easily classified as trap with songs like “Doin’ What I Do” and over the past few months has moved towards a heavy UK Garage influence with songs like “wana do”.  Now, with bathtub, C.Z, is releasing his first solo EP in a while and is finding a way to make all of these sounds work together.  On this EP he weaves influences from a huge number of genres of electronic music together into a cohesive project, maintaining a consistent well-produced but quirky sound throughout.  This is a weird time for a lot of artists who have been labeled as “trap” in the past despite creating lots of different types of music, but it looks like C.Z. is doing a really good job of keeping things interesting.  Stream my favorite track from the EP below and the whole thing after the jump.


tccarr14EP: C.Z. – bathtub