EP: Tuamie x Wun Two – !

Tuamie is a beaties master.  Wun Two is a beaties master.  Together, they’re just two young guns out there doing cool things through the power of the internet.  ! is an EP for beat lovers.  It’s not an album designed around a concept or tied together by one radically different idea or sound.  Instead, the music on ! sounds so instantly familiar and classic that I wouldn’t have been surprised if all of this material came from unreleased demos by fellow beat masters like Madlib or J Dilla.  Considering the fact that Wun Two is from Germany and Tuamie is from Virginia, it’s awesome to hear how well they work together in creating a cohesive and flawless release.


pkelly94EP: Tuamie x Wun Two – !
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    been consistently in my ear since release, both sides certainly soul-capture