mp3: Gabriel Berrios – the courage

Whether he’s been making music as Tree Hopping or Bayatas, I’ve been following the music of Gabriel Berrios for a while now.  I’m not sure if he’s retiring those two projects or not, however, he’s making some of his best and most promising music yet under his own name.  Berrios’ compositions have always stood out for incorporating tropical and latin elements into his music and while his newer stuff tones down the eccentricity it has led to his best and most focused songwriting yet.  Probably due to the “here’s the drop” april fool’s prank on soundcloud, I was expecting “the courage” to be an energetic and upbeat track similar to his material as Tree Hopping.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that “the courage” demonstrates a more intimate and personal side to Berrios.  “the courage”, along with some of the other tracks he’s put out during the past few months, work with a cohesive and matured sound that takes most songwriters years to achieve.


pkelly94mp3: Gabriel Berrios – the courage