SEENMR – Chinatown Tape

A few weeks ago, we featured a beatie from Yung Ho Collective member SEENMR in our Eat Your Beaties Vol. 16.  Dubbed “Spliff Simpson’s Return”, the track was an instant standout among the tracks we’ve featured this year and defined an interesting style that SEENMR was heading towards.  For his Chinatown Tape, SEENMR recorded a collection of beats using samples collected from his friends vinyls as well as some “ancient techniques”.  Whether or not it’s because of these ancient techniques, all of SEENMR’s compositions build up their own world with references to temples, Brahman, snake charmers etc. that don’t sound like mere hipster novelty.  Instead of just looping, SEENMR’s beats ebb and flow in a natural progression that is absorbed in adherence to ritualist repetition and hymnal patience.  While many of our favorite beats offer instant enjoyment, SEENMR’s best moments come from asking us to wait.  Stream my favorite tracks below and the entire tape after the jump.


pkelly94SEENMR – Chinatown Tape